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n.1.Work wrought by blacksmiths; - so called in distinction from that wrought by whitesmiths.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Article in Blackwork (no pictures): 1 Ann Kendall; 2 Morag Mason; 3 Phyllis Gilroy; VHC Betty Boyd; VC Ray Brown.
Add simple yet elegant blackwork embroidery to a wool cape for a chic fall look.
London-based home designer Charlene Mullen's "blackwork" and "scenic" embroidered textile designs make up the London's Calling collection.
She used fabric printed with digitally-designed patterns of lace and blackwork textiles taken from historical sources.
Blackwork embroidery has a rich history dating back many centuries.
The day already seemed the longest he could remember, but he nodded, and stole a kiss before Molly tweaked his arm and handed him a clean shirt with blackwork at collar and cuffs.
BLACKWORK MAED EASYL; TECHNIQUES, PATTERNS & SAMPLERS teaches the basics of how to create traditional blackwork embroideries using easy stitches on fabric.
Some do blackwork, crewel, hardanger (a needle technique that came from Norway), lacemaking, surface stitching and beading," she said.
The supporting pillars are patterned with a black lattice on white ground in a style similar to 16th-century blackwork embroidery, providing a pointer to the date.
BLACKWORK: A NEEDLECRAFT MYSTERY is a powerful survey continuing Monica Ferris' best-selling Needlecraft Mystery series.
Blackwork * is a category of counted thread embroidery in which
The indigenous characters--Ariel, Caliban and two sprites--also sported blackwork tattoos, reminiscent of Pacific Islanders.