Blanca Peak

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Blan′ca Peak′

(ˈblæŋ kə)
a mountain in S Colorado: highest peak in the Sangre de Cristo Range. 14,390 ft. (4385 m).
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His traditional homeland around twelve-thousand-foot Blanca Peak above Ruidoso, New Mexico, in the cool, dark pines was a land worth fighting for.
On a Friday last summer, the member left work with his supervisor to grab a tow bar so that he and a friend could tow his Jeep south to the beautiful Blanca Peak area near Alamosa, Colorado.
FORBES TRINCHERA RANCH LOCATION NEAR FORT GARLAND IN COS- TILLA COUNTY, BISECTED BY HIGHWAY 160 CURRENT OWNER FORBES FAMILY TOTAL ACRES 180,000 CURRENT USES HUNTING, CORPORATE RE- TREATS, LOGGING, CATTLE RANCHING (LAND LEASED TO OTHER OPERATORS) LAND VALUE N/A This is the largest privately held ranch in the state and ranges in elevation from 8,000 feet near the headquarters to 14,037 feet at the top of Blanca Peak.