blank cartridge

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blank cartridge

A gun cartridge with a charge of powder but no bullet.

blank cartridge

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a cartridge containing powder but no bullet: used in battle practice or as a signal

blank′ car′tridge

a cartridge containing powder only, without a bullet.
خَرْطوشَه بِدون رَصاص
slepá nábojnice
løst krudt
boş mermikurusıkı fişek


(blӕŋk) adjective
1. (of paper) without writing or marks. a blank sheet of paper.
2. expressionless. a blank look.
3. (of a wall) having no door, window etc.
1. (in forms etc) a space left to be filled (with a signature etc). Fill in all the blanks!
2. a blank cartridge. The soldier fired a blank.
ˈblankly adverb
with a blank expression. He looked at me blankly.
ˈblankness noun
blank cartridge
a cartridge without a bullet.
blank cheque
a signed cheque on which the sum to be paid has not been entered.
go blank
to become empty. My mind went blank when the police questioned me.