Facial Expressions, Blank

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Facial Expressions, Blank



  1. Anonymous, like the faces one sees in a football crowd —Robert Traver
  2. (Her face went as) blank as a chalkboard —Jonathan Valin
  3. (The child’s expression was) blank, as if her hair was drawn back and fastened so tightly that her facial muscles couldn’t function —Margaret Millar
  4. Countenance … like a still, dark day, equally beamless and breezeless —Charlotte Brontë
  5. Empty look … like an actor without a part —John Le Carré
  6. Expressionless as a smoked herring —Anon
  7. Expressionless … like a portrait of a great beauty by a not very great painter who had caught all the listed features, but not the living stir of loveliness —Elizabeth Taylor
  8. Face … cold and motionless, as of a man who is asleep —Mikhail P. Arzybashev
  9. Face … as blank as a target after a militia shooting-match —Mark Twain
  10. Face … as inanimate as a mask —Ellen Glasgow
  11. Face as inscrutable as that of a snapping turtle —Arthur Train
  12. A face as vacant as an untenanted house —Marcel Proust
  13. Face, empty like that of a doll —Franz Werfel
  14. Face had all the warmth, personality and individualism of an amoeba —Robert J. Serling
  15. Face like a marble mask in which the lips were too rigid for speech —Edith Wharton
  16. Face like one of those Easter Island stone carvings —Len Deighton
  17. Face … locked like a vault —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  18. Face set in a fixed expression of friendly interest like a mask pulled over her skull —Frank Conroy
  19. Face set into a stiff mask, like that of an acroterian —John Fowles
  20. Faces that were as closed, as mysterious, and as mute as the faces of the dead who are possessed of a knowledge beyond the comprehension of the living —Joseph Conrad
  21. Hardly ever smiling, with no cracks showing so no one could look in … like an empty plate —Helen Hudson
  22. Hopelessly blank, like the face of a blind man —Joseph Conrad
  23. It [face] was blank, as though she no longer dwelt within her own skull, as though she had gone elsewhere —Margaret Laurence
  24. His face was empty and impassive, shut tight as a graveyard gate —Nicholas Proffitt
  25. Staring blankly ahead like a man with a fever —Mark Helprin
  26. Wooden-faced as a cigar-store Indian —Raymond Chandler

    This typifies the simile that outlives the relevancy of the comparison.

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Hassan Ahmed gave the only unimpressive performance in the series with blank facial expressions and dry dialogue delivery.
Like the device of using blank facial expressions, which can be so captivating in paintings and cinematography, she forces her audience to seek out and project emotions of their own onto her characters, coaxing and connecting with the unexpected.
In its aesthetic and attitude, then, her choreography is as distinctly modernist (and archaic) as Stravinsky's score: The dancing follows the given narrative but concentrates it into an abstract ritual with such formal devices as mechanistic movements, friezelike compositions (that are held and repeated by the formations of dancers), blank facial expressions, and fast rhythmic pointe work that Nijinska derived from hair-braiding patterns used in traditional wedding rituals.