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 (blā′zär′, -sär′, -zər, -sər)
A compact, extremely bright, active galactic nucleus characterized by strong and rapid changes in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation emitted over a very broad range of frequencies ranging from radio waves to gamma rays. Although the source of blazar energy is the material surrounding a super-massive black hole at the galaxy center, much of the blazar luminosity originates in powerful jets of material moving along the line of sight toward Earth at near light speed.

[Coined by Edward A. Spiegel (1931-2010), American astronomer, as a blend (influenced by blaze) of BL Lac object, a type of blazar once thought to be a variable star (after BL Lacertae, a blazar in Lacerta), and quasar.]


a type of galaxy supplying more radiation than a quasar
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In the case of the centers of quasars, Seyferts, liners, blasars and other subclasses of active galactic unclei, they have only the evidence that extremely energetic activities, which produce between 10(44) and 10(47) ergs per second, are taking place in a very narrow space.