Blast hole

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a hole in the bottom of a pump stock through which water enters.

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Tenders are invited for M-12588 outsourcing of mine blast hole ore samples collection & their processing at crushing section of exploration deptt.
Holeguard is a concentrated micro-emulsion of water soluble co-polymers designed to deliver maximum drilling efficiencies by reducing friction, Increasing cuttings removal, sealing drill collars for dust control and stabilizing blast hole walls to minimize wall collapse.
Blast hole patterns can be easily created with staggering or square design, and once in place, single holes and entire lengths/columns can be edited to adjust dip angles, depth and azimuth.
A SUICIDE bomber blew himself up on a jet and was sucked out of the blast hole after smuggling TNT aboard in a wheelchair, police believe.
WAFA correspondent reported that an F-16 warplane targeted with at least a missile a location in the Bedouin village of Umm al-Nasr, north of Beit Lahia, causing extensive damage and a massive blast hole in the area.
announced several important operator safety and comfort upgrades to its flagship model C-700D blast hole drill.
A Reuters correspondent at the scene saw a blast hole in the playground of school number 57 in Donetsk's Kiev district and another crater in a nearby street.
North Bay-based Rotacan is active in the design, manufacture and sale of rotary blast hole drill bits, drill pipe and other ancillary products used mainly in the open pit mining industry.
The CPA 225E drilling attachment is easily transported between jobsites, delivering optimal drilling power in the blast hole, slide stabilization, tunneling, anchor bolting and other long-reach applications.
The overbreak depends upon the amount of explosive per unit length of blast hole and the spacing between the holes.
99) is packed with more than 20 features including retractable crows nest zip line, collapsing mast, trap door, can-nonball blast hole and authentic movie sound effects.
Precise, a fast-growing company which began manufacturing their own line of rotary blast hole bits to the exploration market only two years ago.