Blast nozzle

a fixed or variable orifice in the delivery end of a blast pipe; - called also blast orifice.

See also: Blast

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Guyson's entry level finishing station for 3D Printed components is the Guyson Formula 1400 'AM' version which will also feature a Pencil Blast unit with micro tipped blast nozzle for intricate detailed surface finishing.
Accessories included with the machine include a 3' durable trigger wand with a quick disconnect, an assortment of nozzles ranging from a blast nozzle to one with 40* spray pattern.
1 -- Guyson has offered an industrial pressure-blast cabinet with two operator work stations, each having its own view window and independently adjustable blast nozzle.
The soda blaster traverses the blast nozzle while it rotates the roll being cleaned at proportional speeds.
The Blast N' Vac[R] units contain, retrieve, and recycle abrasives at the focus point of the blast nozzle to reduce media costs and environmental risks.
Moreover, added production efficiencies are possible by permitting a contractor to remove and apply coatings simultaneously, by facilitating the preparation of hard-to-access and noncontinuous areas, by minimizing containment to a simple drop cloth, and by allowing up to ten tool operators simultaneously to match or surpass the production rates of an abrasive blast nozzle. The strict level of environmental control that shrouded power tool systems provide allows contractors and owners to be cost-effective by foregoing many of the expensive logistical and regulatory obstacles that are mandatory for traditional lead abatement processes.
Located in the back wall of the cabinet is the encased arm of an ABB foundry plus robot, equipped with a boron carbide blast nozzle which it precisely manipulates around the fixtured components.
Numerous blast nozzle configurations are available to simplify even the most difficult mold cleaning requirements.
This simpler unit comprised a two metre wide cabinet with flat internal flooring and came equipped with the smaller Guyson 27 litre pressure pot driving a blast nozzle.
With this fully integrated working robotic cell adjacent to the manufacturing area of the factory, Guyson is able to demonstrate advanced blast nozzle manipulation techniques and the cost saving and efficiency benefits its automated blast customers will achieve.
The latter separates out reusable media, cleans it in a high integrity reverse-jet pulse unit and recycles it back to the blast nozzle. Degraded media and debris are directed to a dust collector.
Table 1 shows the results of the 1991 tests, where C[O.sub.2] pellet blasting was examined to see what erosion effects were apparent in four types of tire mold materials (steel, forged aluminum and two types of cast aluminum) using three different C[O.sub.2] pellet blast nozzle configurations.