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Noun1.Blattaria - cockroachesBlattaria - cockroaches; in some classifications considered an order
animal order - the order of animals
Dictyoptera, order Dictyoptera - in some classifications replaced by the orders (here suborders) Blattodea (cockroaches) and Manteodea (mantids); in former classifications often subsumed under a much broader order Orthoptera
cockroach, roach - any of numerous chiefly nocturnal insects; some are domestic pests
Blattidae, family Blattidae - domestic cockroaches
Cryptocercidae, family Cryptocercidae - a family of Blattodea
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(1997) The external male genitalia and the phylogeny of Blattaria and Mantodea.
The 2,778 collected individuals belong to 15 groups: Arachnidae, Auchennorhyncha, Blattaria, Coleoptera, Coleoptera larvae, Chilopoda, Dermaptera, Diplopoda, Diptera larvae, Formicidae, Gastropoda, Heteroptera, Isoptera, Lepidoptera larvae, Oligocheta, and Orthoptera.
The genus Ophiocordyceps Petch, 1931 (Hypocreales: Ophiocordycipitaceae) is a widely distributed group of fungi with approximately 200 described species (CROUS et al., 2004) infecting a wide range of insects from the following orders Coleoptera, Blattaria, Dermaptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Isoptera, Lepidoptera, Mantodea, Orthoptera and Odonata (EVANS, 1982; SUNG et al., 2007; SOSA-GOMEZ et al., 2010; ARAUJO & HUGHES, 2016).
blattaria para la Argentina; ademas, aporta datos morfologicos, fotografias de campo, caracteristicas sobre su habitat y un mapa con la ubicacion de la poblacion hallada, como aporte inicial al conocimiento de la distribucion de esta especie en la Argentina.
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VERBASCUM BLATTARIA L.--RC, RS; Infrequent; C = 0; BSUH 19323, 19337.
All other Orders (Acari, Araneae, Geophilomorpha, Spirostreptida, Symphyla, Diplura, Blattaria, Coleoptera, Diptera, Ephemeroptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera, Isoptera, Lepidoptera, Neuroptera, Plecoptera, Psocoptera, Thysanoptera, Trichoptera, Pulmonata, Isopoda and Haplotaxida) were better sampled by QuS.