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n.1.The part of a tree which lies immediately under the bark; the alburnum or sapwood.
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Return to your car by walking along Blea Tarn road, or retrace your steps.
After that he turned towards Radu, who was struggling with his last scraps of conscience to get out of the suffocating grip with which the Bessarabian was holding him, and told him: "And you, blea, don't you dare follow us to get him back, or I'll thrust a bullet in that skull of yours
I found it easy to get comfortaf blea behind the wheel - although the steering column onlyl adjusts verticalle yl and there'rs ' no seat height adjustment - and all-roundr visibility is excellent.
En 1983, Knothe y Shah (31) aislaron una cepa de Klebsiella ozaenae resistente a cefotaxima; la enzima tenia propiedades relacionadas con la BLEA SHV-1.
He married Cliofita Blea on June 10, 1945, in San Francisco.
I shot a 7- to 25-yard informal PPC match on the forgiving BLEA (Basic Law Enforcement Academy) silhouette.
Of the bands represented, Anthony Blea y su Charanga, Ritmo y Armonia, and Avance, have all recorded and released album projects, but it's those unrecorded bands like Karibali, co-led by Karl Perrazzo and Michael Spiro, that unveil the gems of undiscovered talent here in the SF Bay.
To the left stretches windswept Blea Moor; to the right rises chill Cam Fell.
Butterfly Warrior: A Novel" by Juan Blea is an original murder mystery set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, tracing the bond of four friends with common roots in the Los Arbolitos Barrio.
Otros tres aislamientos (4-545, 4-1228 y 4-2273) solamente amplificaron con iniciadores para genes tipo TEM, resultado que permite suponer que se trata de genes que codifican para la beta-lactamasa TEM1 que no se considera BLEE sino BLEA (beta-lactamasa de espectro ampliado).
Blea, The Feminization of Racism: Promoting World Peace in America.