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n.1.The part of a tree which lies immediately under the bark; the alburnum or sapwood.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Blea Tarn has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the famous Langdale Pikes can be viewed across the tarn.
"That guy saved us a lot of time, getting us to the fire department in a safe zone, and getting us over here," ( Blea said .
After that he turned towards Radu, who was struggling with his last scraps of conscience to get out of the suffocating grip with which the Bessarabian was holding him, and told him: "And you, blea, don't you dare follow us to get him back, or I'll thrust a bullet in that skull of yours!
I found it easy to get comfortaf blea behind the wheel - although the steering column onlyl adjusts verticalle yl and there'rs ' no seat height adjustment - and all-roundr visibility is excellent.
(55.) Grinstead O, Zack B, Faigeles, B, Grossman N, Blea L.
Peter Huntley, 55, died after falling from a snow-capped slope on High Street, close to Blea Water, in the Lake District.
En 1983, Knothe y Shah (31) aislaron una cepa de Klebsiella ozaenae resistente a cefotaxima; la enzima tenia propiedades relacionadas con la BLEA SHV-1.
He married Cliofita Blea on June 10, 1945, in San Francisco.
I shot a 7- to 25-yard informal PPC match on the forgiving BLEA (Basic Law Enforcement Academy) silhouette.
To the left stretches windswept Blea Moor; to the right rises chill Cam Fell.