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n.1.(Bot.) See Blaeberry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Heifers: British Blue PS490, PS470 (x2), PS450 (x4) PS435, PS405 PS365 Smalmstown Farm, PS390, PS350 Trailflat Farm, PS385 Groundy Croft PS370 PS350 High Ploughlands, Charolais PS285, PS275 (x2) Barsalloch Farm, Simmental PS460 PS285 Morley Hill Farm, PS295 Merry Shields, Limousin PS415 (x2) PS400, PS350, PS320 The Close, PS305 PS280 Bleaberry Rigg, PS305 (x2) Cushathill PS300 Halmyre Farm, PS290 PS278, PS270 Barsalloch Farm, PS285 Hazel Head, PS270 Low Rigg, Blonde PS320 Skiddaw View Cottage, Aberdeen Angus PS310 PS245 Askham Bryne College, PS295 High Plains, PS290 Marks Farm, PS270, PS265, PS255 Greenmoorside PS245 High Pow, Galloway PS285 (x2) Carsewalloch Farm, Hereford PS260 Smalmstown Farm PS260 (x2) Barsalloch Farm.
Francis, who lives in the same block of flats as the victim, was jailed for seven years, Carroll, of Bleaberry, Brownsover, was jailed for six years, and James, of Skiddaw, Brownsover, was jailed for three years.
The A-level student trekked up to heights of 3,000 feet over the peaks of High Raise, Ullscarf, and Bleaberry Fell before whipping out his trombone to perform tunes to fellow hikers.
The A-level student trekked up to heights of 3,000 feat over the peaks of High Raise, Ullscarf, and Bleaberry Fell before performing tunes to fellow hikers on his trombone.
"I can imagine that someone who really loves the place wanted to make a real difference to all those who walk here by removing an unsightly and boggy obstacle, leaving Walla Crag to Bleaberry Fell a truly perfect experience.
Nathan David Anthony Carroll, aged 23, of Bleaberry, Brownsover, Rugby, conduct causing a breach of the peace, bound over for six months in the sum of pounds 50.
Six police officers swooped on the address in Bleaberry, Brownsover, Rugby, last Thursday morning.
Heifers: British Blue PS460, PS405 Smalmstown Farm, PS460 Tempest Tower, PS425, PS400, PS390, PS370 Wood Farm, PS345 Low Rigg, PS320 Woodside Farm, PS300, PS260 Hadderdale, PS245 Low Wood, PS240 (x2) Nook House, Limousin PS440 Miller Hill, PS380 Street Head, PS370 Moorthwaite Farm, PS350 Becklees Farm, PS350 Housenrigg Farm, PS345 Street Head, PS302 High Three Mark Farm, PS300 Southernby Hall, PS275 Bleaberry Rigg, PS245 (x2) Ealingham, Blonde PS400 Morley Hill Farm, Hereford PS325 Smalmstown Farm, PS270 Woodside Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS270 Smalmstown Farm, PS180 Moorthwaite Farm, PS140 Woodside Farm, Simmental PS195 Hill House, Galloway PS140 (x2) Woodside Farm.
John Michael Cole, 21, of Bleaberry, Brownsover, Rugby, possession of cannabis resin, a class B controlled drug, conditional discharge for one year.
Heifers: British Blue PS460, PS350, PS325 Pelutho Grange, PS440 Low Plains, PS380 Mainhill Farm, PS375 Hillcrest Farm, PS360 Nook House, PS335 Owlethirst, PS325 Hadderdale, PS320 Aikton House, PS305 Riggheads, PS300 High Ploughlands, PS295 Moorthwaite Farm, PS295 Hazel Head, Limousin PS400 Bleaberry Rigg, PS390 High Plains, PS380 Pelutho Grange, PS280 Barsalloch Farm, PS260, PS255 Colby Laithes, Aberdeen Angus PS290, PS270 High Plains, Hereford PS200 Red Hall, Simmental PS155 Geltside.
HEIFERS: British Blue PS425, PS415, PS395, PS385, PS365, PS320 Redcroft Farm, PS415, PS350 Smalmstown Farm, PS400 (x2) Brunt Hill, PS325 Woodside Farm, PS325, PS318 Woodend Farm, PS320 Chalk Lodge, PS310 Carrycoats Fall, Limousin PS390 Southernby Hall, PS330, PS290, PS250 Bailey Ground Farm, PS315 Hall Farm, PS315, PS300 Hensol, PS300, PS285 Bleaberry Rigg, PS290, PS245 Wolsty Hall, PS280 Duckintree Farm, Charolais PS340 Espland Hill, Simmental PS230 Colby Laithes, PS200 Tan Hill, Holstein PS220, PS215, PS195, PS175, PS170, PS160 Eastfield Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS210 West House Farm, PS198 Bleaberry Rigg, PS195 Riggheads, PS185 Colby Laithes, Montbeliarde PS70 Colby Laithes.
Street parties over the weekend - Main Street in Bourton on Dunsmore; Seabroke Avenue in Rugby; Broad Street, Brinklow; Olton Close, Mill Lane, Cicey Lane and Townsend Drive in Burton Hastings; Willoughby Place in Hillmorton; Main Street in Birdingbury; Holly Drive in Ryton on Dunsmore; Bleaberry in Brownsover, Rugby; Pipers End in Wolvey; Deerings Road in Hillmorton, Rugby; Sorrell Drive in Brownsover, Rugby; Abbey Street in Rugby and Pipewell Close in Bilton, Rugby.