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v. t.1.To blacken; also, to defile.
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Witness Russell Bleck told how he saw people desperately covering up bullet wounds with their fingers in an attempt to save the injured and dying.
The Saturday show features music from Burkhart, Brabham, bassist Joshua Soran and drummer Kelsey Bleck.
One neighbourhood restaurant, Bleck, is hidden beneath a canopy of trees and serves up Swedish delicacies such as elk, but will happily cater to any preferences, including whipping up veganfriendly dishes on request.
4 On a AP view of the pelvis with the limbs in the neutral position, the length of the femoral neck on the affected and on the unaffected sides were measured, based on the method described by Bleck.
Author Jaimie Bleck presents students, academics, and researchers with an examination of the impact of educational participation as illustrated by the relationship between educational and political participation in Mali in the years since the transition to multiparty democracy.
Lui aussi dans sa jeunesse etait fou de Bleck le Roc, de Zembla et Akim.
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Bleck ignores later precedent that embraces Ameijeiras and enforces a strict test of foreseeability as to time, place, and manner of the prior crimes.