a.1.Without blemish; spotless.
A life in all so blemishless.
- Feltham.
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When these hands had met last, they were alike in the softness and freshness of youth; now, one was brown and wrinkled and horny with age, while the other was still as young and fair and blemishless as if those forty years had come and gone in a single moment, leaving no mark of their passage.
Yes, Tom's blemishless week had restored him to the favor of his aunt and uncle.
The elegance and artistry of Jiang Kui's poetry--its flowing images of solitary clouds, its ebbs and flows, its blemishless delicacy--became a manifesto for the tribulations of literati shackled by dynastic change.
It showed no human considerations, though he had a blemishless record as a teacher at various church-run institutions before he was transferred to Newman College.
Pannam is scathing of Hannan's uncritical biography of Sir Samuel Way: 'To sum up, the book is satisfactory for one purpose and for that only--to help remind the citizens of Adelaide of the virtues of a man they all want to believe was great and blemishless.
Chennai were also superb in the field -- Muttiah Muralitharan pulled off a splendid catch over his head to intercept a Yuvraj pull, Suresh Raina was equally spectacular in plucking a diving catch to dismiss Wilkin Mota, while the ground fielding was blemishless.
Hence cases of public corruption are either hushed up--not necessarily to avert justice--so as to keep the government slate clean and blemishless in the eyes of the citizens and the world at large; whereas cases of civilian extravagances are highlighted and brought in front of courts for retribution.
Kawakami Princess in May became the first unbeaten Oaks winner in 49 years but her blemishless record was scuppered by the stewards six months later when she was disqualified having taken on - and beaten - the older fillies for the first time in the Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Cup, though not without causing some serious interference in the process.
He had no interest in golf, but appreciated the narcotizing effect of all that blemishless green.
After nearly 20 years of blemishless, accident-free driving, I've picked up two speeding fines in as many years.
I changed her diaper; her skin was delicious to touch, fine-grained and blemishless, like silk without the worminess.
Scabby" is not the normal kind of adjective you associate with the blemishless Ms Hurley, so I was relieved to learnshe had a perfectly good excuse: "She had no idea anyone was on strike.