blended family

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blend·ed family

A stepfamily.
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Blending Families Successfully: Helping Parents and Kids Navigate the Challenges So That Everyone Ends Up Happy belongs in any collection strong in parenting and family relationships, and comes from a board-certified psychiatrist whose book is directed to parents who want to understand how blended families work and what's involved in making adjustments.
Family therapist and clinical psychologist examines how both couples and children within blended families can navigate through the challenges of nurturing new relationships.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A national study of parents found that parents with multiple parenting roles -- such as those in blended families -- are at higher risk of depression.
More than a third of Multi-Generational (Multi-Gen) and Boomerang family types (Multi-Gen 41%; Boomerang 34%) said they often feel financially-burdened by the number of family members living in our household compared to an average of 22% for other modern families in the study, which includes same-sex couple families, single parent families, blended families and families with older parents with younger children.
Indeed, Brady-like blended families and Partridge-like single-parent households, as well as other so-called non-traditional family units, now outnumber "traditional" husband-and-wife households.
It includes chapters on diversity and the loss related to various family issues, such as imprisonment, deportation, blended families, and same-sex parents.
These men were all part of blended families and were stepdads to at least one child.
IN blended families it can be difficult to get the balance right, but it is all about the compromises made to keep the family in harmony.
The City of Fayetteville instills the idea of "family" through sick and bereavement leave and other policies that recognize the realities of todays blended families.
Aviva sees the product filling needs for small-business owners or business partnerships, blended families and anyone looking for a versatile product while the estate tax law is still volatile.
A review of recent research shows how siblings affect each other, covering topics such as birth order, blended families and parents who play favorites.
Taking the Step Out of Stepmom" is a great adjustment handbook for children of divorced and blended families.