blended family

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blend·ed family

A stepfamily.
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Roughly two-thirds (63%) of Traditional Families do not expect to have enough money to cover healthcare costs in retirement, as is the case with 69% of Single Women and 66% of Blended Families.
The text offers useful and insightful advice for therapists and counselors who treat clients in step or blended families.
From adopted children to blended families, same-sex parents, donor conception and IVF, almost every family type is explored.
Fiction | Loss | Coping | Blended Families | Refuge
Given the current trends, the odds suggest that every estate planner will end up working with a large number of blended families.
She also does premarital counseling and works with traditional as well as alternative and blended families.
Part 2 provides assessment guidelines and management strategies for general issues such as blended families, bereavement, and parental substance abuse.
The story attempts to cover first love, adolescent lust and coming-of-age issues, a complicated network of male and female relationships, and blended families.
Smith sees the concerns of blended families from two perspectives, inside and outside.
Blended families have the same challenges and struggles as any traditional families.
Upheaval in American family life--through divorce, blended families, single-parent families, increasing numbers of children raised by grandparents and other guardians, and children shuttling between separated parents--affects the church's ability to pass on the faith.
In blended families, the sexual tension is sometimes higher.