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Noun1.Blennius - type genus of the BlenniidaeBlennius - type genus of the Blenniidae  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Blenniidae, family Blenniidae - a family of fish including: combtooth blennies
Blennius pholis, shanny - European scaleless blenny
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Seasonal abundance and depth distribution of Blennius fluviatilis and introduced Lepomis gibbosus, in Lake Banyoles (Catalonia, Spain).
Blennius antholops, new deep-water fish, from the Gulf of Guinea, with comments on the bathymetric distribution of the family Blennidae.
3 0,5 Torito Blennius pilicornis 1 0,2 Total 619 100 Nombre comun NISP Porcentaje Jurel 11.