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Noun1.Blennius - type genus of the BlenniidaeBlennius - type genus of the Blenniidae  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Blenniidae, family Blenniidae - a family of fish including: combtooth blennies
Blennius pholis, shanny - European scaleless blenny
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Seasonal abundance and depth distribution of Blennius fluviatilis and introduced Lepomis gibbosus, in Lake Banyoles (Catalonia, Spain).
blennius) were found at both headwater and wadable sites in the current study but were absent from previous surveys.
Blennius antholops, new deep-water fish, from the Gulf of Guinea, with comments on the bathymetric distribution of the family Blennidae.
3 0,5 Torito Blennius pilicornis 1 0,2 Total 619 100 Nombre comun NISP Porcentaje Jurel 11.132 91,7 Rollizo 325 2,7 Jerguilla 236 1,9 Vieja 165 1,4 Corvina 88 0,7 Cabinza 151 1,2 Cabrilla 32 0,3 Blanquillo 3 0,0 Congrio 12 0,1 Torito 1 0,0 Total 12.145 100% Tabla 7.
Notropis blennius.--The river shiner is widely distributed in Austroriparian rivers.
Several ambulatory animals, such as the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus, blennies (Blennius canevae), the polyplacophoran Acanthochiton fascicularis (in the lower right corner), one of several species of limpet (Patella coerulea), top shell (Monodonta turbinata), and the hairy crab Eriphia verrucosa, can also be found here.