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n.1.A form of decay seen in fleshy, overripe fruit.
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We also learned that the process for extracting more sugar from this fruit was known as "bletting medlars", which to me sounds more like an insult George Warleggan might fling the Poldarks' way.
Mrozowski's "indeterminate fruit" looks a lot like the medlar, a pome that's picked early and left to overripen for a period of weeks until it is rotten enough to eat, in a process called bletting. The same might be said for Mrozowski's canvases: What at first appear simply as beautiful objects become ever more compelling to savor.
The Medlar has large glossy leaves and white blossoms in spring with curious flattish fruits that can be picked in October and should be stored to soften, a process known as bletting, to allow the flavour to develop.