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n. pl. bi·lim·bis
1. An evergreen tree (Averrhoa bilimbi) native to tropical Asia and grown for its edible fruits.
2. The small, sour, greenish or yellowish cucumber-shaped fruit of this tree, eaten as a pickle or used in relishes and various dishes.

[New Latin bilimbi, specific epithet, ultimately from Malay belimbing, belimbi.]


1. (Plants) a fruit-bearing tree growing in India and Sri Lanka
2. (Plants) the fruit of the bilimbi tree
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Noun1.bilimbi - East Indian evergreen tree bearing very acid fruitbilimbi - East Indian evergreen tree bearing very acid fruit
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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TABLE 1 Certified forest area and local people's participation situation of KWML Village Sub-village Number of Number of households * KWML member ** Dengok Dengok IV 381 88 23 Dengok V 128 205 89 Dengok VI 165 93 Girisekar Blimbing 429 162 110 Jerukun 111 345 101 Pijenan 156 134 Kedung Keris Kedung Keris 341 134 36 Pringsurat 56 136 44 Sendowo Kidul 151 56 Total 1 151 686 Village Sub-village Village area *** Certified forest area *** (ha) Dengok Dengok IV 401.
In the whole country, biopremium that is a mixed product of 97 percent of pure premium and 3 percent ethanol can only be found in gas station 54 651 43 at Jalan Mayjen Wiyono, Blimbing Sub-district, Malang Regency, East Java, with average selling volume of 320 kl per month.