Blind level

(Mining) a level or drainage gallery which has a vertical shaft at each end, and acts as an inverted siphon.

See also: Blind

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5 overs, with Haryana's Deepak Malik (B3 - blind level 3) scoring the highest runs of 79 off 71 balls.
We are particularly encouraged by the decrease, following monthly treatment, in the proportion of patients with vision at the legally blind level of 20/200 or worse, as well as the proportion of patients whose vision improved to 20/40 or better," said George D.
8220;With the large amount of chips and long blind levels my strategy for day one was to chip up slowly, not risk chips.
DALEY DREAD Blind levels for United after Sessegnon puts Albion ahead, Fellaini equalises and Berahino strikes
And it can really hurt if you already were short-stacked in relation to the blind levels.
The 15-minute blind levels and a 3k starting stack makes for quite a lot of play and there's no need to panic early on.
A new community Tournament Leader Board displays player rankings and chip stacks, an active tournament clock, blind levels, and tournament statistics.
It offers players a 15,000-chip starting stack with 75-minute blind levels.
Players start with $10,000 in tournament chips and blind levels are 20 minutes in length.
Players will start with $7500 in poker chips and blind levels are 20 minutes.
Players will start with tournament chips equal to twice the buy-in for each event, and blind levels will increase at a pace that will allow competitors more opportunities to use their skills.