Blind rat

(Zool.) the mole rat.

See also: Rat

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When the digital compass sensed a blind rat's head pointed north, the microchip transferred data to the right electrode and it pulsed.
Part superhero, part fetish fantasy, part Nordic dream, she tends to the needs of a snowman who bleeds, a blind rat with bandaged eyes, and a bunny with a crutch.
During the study, three-week-old blind rats were injected with a virus packaged with gene-editing capabilities targeted at retinal cells.
Muller cells harvested from human donor tissue were transplanted into the retinas of blind rats where they developed into rod cells which were responsive to light signals.
Tests in rats showed that the human cells can restore some vision to completely blind rats.
The team has tested the system in blind rats and is working with a company to test it in patients.
AN organic-bionic eye that enables blind rats to recognise light could help humans.
All ran after the farmer's maid; She trimmed their tails with a fine steel blade, A terrible drama, a shambles it made-- These three blind rats
"All drivers have their rat-runs and know their routes but, when we take them off the motorway, they become blind rats.
To test how these chips responded, the researchers used retinas from both normal rats and blind rats that serve as models of retinal degenerative disease.