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(Placename) the German name for Blenheim1


(ˈblɛn əm)

a village in S Germany, on the Danube: victory of the Duke of Marlborough over the French, 1704. German, Blindheim.
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La misma empresa en diferentes mercados atiende a diferentes grupos de interes que funcionan de acuerdo con la situacion y dinamica local, aun cuando se hable de tematicas globales como el cambio climatico (Blindheim, 2015).
Richard Blindheim, 47, suffered minor injuries when his northbound truck left the freeway, went up a bridge abutment and struck a bridge.
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The first is the ethics of the organization as a whole, with respect of their actions towards society (Cochran et al.), as in the studies of social responsibility and ethics (BLINDHEIM and LANGHELLE).
Built to celebrate the first Duke of Marlborough's victory at the battle of Blindheim in 1704, the scale of grandeur reflects some of the more racy moments of its social history.