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Et le couple le plus bling-bling du moment - Kim Kardashian et Kanye West - n'a pas hesite a faire partie des personnes pensant fortement au futur heritier de la couronne britannique.
Summary: Rock star Lenny Kravitz has received fan mail from France's "Bling-Bling" president, Nicolas Sarkozy.
'BLING-BLING' is the hip hop culture name for flashy elaborate over-the-top jewellery.
Like the bling-bling flashiness of dancehall and hip-hop appears to be slowly subsiding.
Here Wexford is called in to examine the death of an 18-year-old young mother beaten to death after a night out with friends at The Bling-Bling Club.
CHRYSLER'S bling-bling 300C is fast becoming a style icon.
So while today's pampered and feted footballers swan round all bling-bling, the man to whom they owe all is forgotten in all but name.
This bling-bling dog tote has all the bells and whistles--easy to personalize with the removeable collar and rhinestone letters, heart-shaped identification tag, padded strap that can also be used as a leash or to pull your pup in his/her new mobile home, and removable wheels to accommodate airline regulations when traveling by air.
Bacardi has also created some new drink ideas that showcase the new favor, such as its Boysenberry Bling-Bling, Watermelon Sour and Melon Dollar Baby.
The Labour MP for Bling-Bling South (perhaps that should read Copeland in Cumbria) will no doubt be spending more time with his jewellery box or, at any rate, his salmon fishing rods.
SUPERSTARS like David Beckham and P Diddy have sparked a boom in sales of bling-bling jewellery and flashy clothes, a new survey reveals.
In particular, they have given beanies, sarongs and 'bling-bling' jewellery a boost by sporting them on the celebrity circuit.