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 (blĭnts) also blin·tze (blĭn′tsə)
A thin pancake, usually wrapped around a cheese filling, sautéed or baked, and topped with sour cream, fruit, or powdered sugar.

[Yiddish blintse, from Belarusian blintsy, pl. of blinets, diminutive of blin, pancake, from Old Russian mlinŭ, blinŭ; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]


(blɪnts, ˈblɪnt sə)

also blintz


a thin pancake folded around a filling, as of cheese or fruit, and sautéed or baked.
[1900–05; < Yiddish blintse]
blintz, blintze - Blintz(e) is from Russian blinets, "little pancake."
See also related terms for pancake.
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Noun1.blintze - (Judaism) thin pancake folded around a filling and fried or bakedblintze - (Judaism) thin pancake folded around a filling and fried or baked
Judaism - the monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud
battercake, flannel cake, flannel-cake, flapcake, flapjack, hot cake, hotcake, pancake, griddlecake - a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle
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Instead of taking the usual breakfasty approach to blintzes, we've packed them with a savory mix of cheeses, thyme, and spinach, then paired them with wine.
TOOJAY'S This New York-style delicatessen, restaurant and bakery offers comfort foods, heart-healthy choices and delicious desserts--think blintzes, potato pancakes, meatloaf and vegetarian offerings.
Keep scrolling for her six-braided sourdough challah, sufganiyot stuffed with blood-orange jelly, marbled rye bread, delicate cheese blintzes, and more, more, more.
And while it serves all the Ashkenazi classics -- from pastrami to latkes, blintzes, matza ball soup and chopped liver -- it is neither kosher nor kosher-style.
Other food items include cheese blintzes, quiches, and casseroles.
Brooklyn egg creams, Reuben sandwiches, blintzes, brisket, and chicken soup they're all about to be "veganized.
WHAT: Enjoy cheese blintzes, sandwiches filled with superior meats from Evan's Deli, potato knishes, latkes and more
One promising facet of the business Wills hopes to develop is selling to other food manufacturers who could use Clock Shadow cheeses in their products, like frozen pizzas or cheese blintzes.
Chef Anne Boulley is preparing fruit salad, croissant toast, cheese blintzes, rosemary waffles and more.
Thus, foods common to everyone in Poland and Germany, such as crepes, dumplings and puddings, were adopted by Jews and became blintzes, kneydlach and kugels, and were bestowed with unique tastes and textures by adding schmaltz made of flavored poultry fat.
Gluten-free, hassle-free, and wallet-saving delights include Whole Grain Breakfast Cookies, Cheese Blintzes with Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream, White Bean Salad, Chicken Cacciatore, Linguini with Shrimp and Petite Diced Tomatoes, and much more.
12) Buckley committed to this idealistic form of campaigning: "I will not go to Jewish centers and eat blintzes," he declaimed, "nor will I go to Italian centers and pretend to speak Italian.