Blister plaster

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a plaster designed to raise a blister; - usually made of Spanish flies.

See also: Blister

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Foot blister plaster sales have risen by 41 per cent in the past two years and Tesco have rung up a hike of 23 per cent in the past year.
You'll be on your feet all day; wear comfy flats and pop some blister plasters in your bag.
Sam, Carl Turner and Graeme Meek walked through all weathers but nothing deterred them from the 200-mile trek over two weeks with only tents, blister plasters - and each other's company.
Sam, Carl and Graeme walked through all weathers but nothing deterred them from the 200-mile trek over two weeks with only tents, blister plasters, and each other's company.
10The important extras Always carry sun cream and a basic first aid kit, including blister plasters.
Scholl's donut pads or Compeed's moisture-absorbing blister plasters can protect against rubbing, and even help a blister heal faster.
To manage it, they'll need stamina, will power and even a mule or two - and they should probably stock up on blister plasters to be on the safe side.
Blister Plasters, 5 for PS3.99, Superdrug Stop the agony of blisters forming - or use over existing blisters - so you can keep dancing all night.
Choose leather not pleather, wear them around the house first, practice makes perfect, invest in Compeed blister plasters (a genius invention) and smile!
Wednesday's Liverpool Echo was full of sound advice on how to prepare for the day, including when to fake tan (the night before, so it's too late now); how to style your hair (the boho look is going to be popular); which manicure to use (the two-week gel manicure); what shoes to wear (it's time to ditch the platforms, and we can expect to see lots of ladies stepping out in neon, metallic and nude colours); what to do if you haven't chosen your outfit yet (stay loyal to yourself and be wary of choosing a style you would never normally wear); and what to take with you (an umbrella, a compact mirror, a mini bottle of your signature fragrance and, above all, blister plasters).
I would like to say a big thank you to my fellow walkers and supporters who turned out in the rain, providing us with much-needed blister plasters, chocolate caramel and the odd flask of tea!