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n. Slang
1. Something annoying or pointless.
2. Something difficult or impossible to name.

[Origin unknown.]
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A settling process (tank or blivet) and filtration in the sand filter are used to remove particulates.
(3.) Denis M., Soumet C., Rivoal K., Ermel G., Blivet D., Salvat G., et al.
(Adapted from CGSC ST 4-2) Bulk Water Storage Storage Type Capacity in Gallons Buffalo 400 Blivet 500 Hippo 2,000 Camel 900 3K Semi-trailer mounted fabric tank (SMFT) 3,000 5K SMFT 5,000 Onion skin 500 20K Storage Distribution System 20,000 50K Storage Distribution System 50,000 Figure 3.