Block book

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Block´ book`

1.A book printed from engraved wooden blocks instead of movable types.
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A spokesman for LILA said the school did block book rooms at three Penlake buildings "on an ad hoc basis but quite extensively", although not the entire accommodation.
The spokesman added: "As far as we are aware Hatton Garden is not yet complete but when it is we will probably also block book some rooms there though we are not contracted to do so.
Organiser Sue Sims said: "We negotiate directly with tour and venue operators, coach companies and so on to block book tickets.
The reward for the two schools that block book the most seats (pounds 20) is a 15-minute match during the Liverpool v Everton game on September 4 and orders must be placed at the new ticket office on headed note paper.
MEL GIBSON'S film The Passion of the Christ has topped box offices in the US and prompted churches to block book whole cinemas for their congregations.
We are also looking to block book clubs and groups into the facility.
We asked for the booking line hours to be extended and made sure we gave the new people our journey requirements and we can now block book.
The car giant has spent about pounds 6million to block book airtime in countries around the world and is thought to be the largest ever screening of one commercial.
The Carnbane League would like to block book places for local players.