Block chain

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1.(Mach.) A chain in which the alternate links are broad blocks connected by thin side links pivoted to the ends of the blocks, used with sprocket wheels to transmit power, as in a bicycle.
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ING announces that it has joined a consortium of 30 leading global banks, coordinated by the financial technology firm R3, to collaboratively evaluate and apply emerging block chain technology to the global financial system.
Using block chain technology similar to that used by Bitcoin, Monegraph is a web-based platform that facilitates transfers of digital art, such as professional and amateur photography, and other forms of digital media directly between artists and content buyers.
The technical aspects of block chain are beyond this article; however, as a CPA, I look at the block chain as an immutable record or complete history of every Bitcoin transaction conducted.
Global Banking News-September 16, 2015--Nine banks partner for block chain initiative
Fortunately there is a considerable effort in mitigating these challenges through conventional security techniques as well as emerging technologies such as block chain.
Hall added "We have been clinically focused on building a multi-million dollar pre-order book for AUREALS(TM) and as we shift into commercial operations we are evaluating various funding and liquidity options that may include listing our equity directly on the block chain which is disrupting and redefining every aspect of financial markets including trading, clearing and settlement.
Using the block chain it is possible to verify the amount of Bitcoins any user owns at a given time.
Workers at the Hans Renold site at the Arches Industrial Estate, in Spon End - which is now home to Koco - made revolutionary chains and gears, and before the turn of the 20th century the company created the block chain that would go on to be used by all bicycle manufacturers.
Storefront preparers, such as the H&R Block chain, are also suitable for short-form tax returns.
During this decade, the company took another giant step forward with the manufacture of a high-strength, heat-treated block chain.
AES 256-bit hardware encryption, protecting data each time the USB hard drive is in use with the hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption implemented in Cipher Block Chain (CBC) mode.