a.1.Like a block; stupid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The staining pattern should be diffuse, strong, and continuous (nuclear and/or cytoplasmic), referred to as a blocklike pattern.
THE HERAT WOMEN'S PRISON IN Afghanistan is a blocklike structure, with high, white walls surrounding a courtyard.
Stiff-jointed, blocklike figures carry over the motif of the mannequin, which was frequently employed by the historical avant-gardes, as seen for example in the Surrealist paintings of Giorgio de Chirico, but also refer to an even more advanced stage of alienation and simulated avatar living in the digital age.
(He deplores "blocklike, terribly simplified structures of time.
"Thomas Was Alone" is a lovable game in which you shuffle cute blocklike characters, including Thomas (a "curious rectangle"), through a complex maze terrain.
It is likely that the heavily muscled lower torso of this statue contributed in no small measure to the use of the word quadrata ("squarish" or "blocklike") in describing this work.
Angular planting beds flank the backyard patios, and low, blocklike walls serve as artistic elements as well as seating.
Caption(s): Nespresso's Le Cube is capturing attention with its blocklike form.
(Girls chose more "elegant" fonts with much consistency, while boys opted for heavy, blocklike script.) This student's negative feelings undoubtedly were heightened because her mother told her stories of practicing her handwriting as a child, imitating others, then developing her own style until she got it "just right." This girl and her three friends (all exceptional students) felt robbed of the opportunity to develop what they considered to be an important identity marker.
Moreover, the prose-poem form itself, with its blocklike arrangement of print, mimics a frame of film or a movie screen.
(You might say the same for the beautiful yet perpetually blocklike Monica Bellucci, who is the film's Magdalene.) The casting of Caviezel is the telltale problem of The Passion; it betrays Gibson's desire as author, perpetrator, rapt witness and vicarious Christ to see for a Jesus he has himself made blind, to think for a Christ he's made thoughtless.
How far it is to the blocklike building or the chimney stack to the right remains a matter of conjecture.