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(ˈblumˌbɜr gən, -ˌbɛr-)
Nicolas, born 1920, U.S. physicist, born in the Netherlands: Nobel prize 1981.
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The letter is endorsed by the following 25 Nobel laureates in physics: Leon Neil Cooper (1972) , Brian David Josephson (1973) , Anthony Hewish (1974), Burton Richter (1976), Arno Allan Penzias (1978), Sheldon Lee Glashow (1979), James Cronin(1980), Nicholas Bloembergen (1981), Klaus von Klitz ing (1985), Jack Steinberger (1988), Douglas D.
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JVL Our co-founder and executive vice-president Steven Bloembergen and I both studied chemistry at the University of Waterloo.
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Bloembergen (Research Institute for History and Culture, Utrecht U.
We see a bright future for bio-based adhesives, and we have demonstrated their unique advantages in commercial applications," notes Steven Bloembergen, Ph.
Jaap Bloembergen, a fella from the NRC Handelsblad paper, was taking a look at Scottish football, from ``a different angle'' prior to Scotland's Euro play-off against Holland this week.
Over a 100 years later, it was realized by the Bloembergen group at Harvard, in particular Peter Pershan, that the Faraday effect could be reversed, a circularly polarized laser pulse can induce magnetization in all material.