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A bar of dense cake, typically flavored with brown sugar and vanilla and often baked with nuts.

[blond (from its light brown color ) + -ie (on the model of brownie).]
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They include Theraphosa blondi secundus -- a tarantula with a mechanised body and hairy mechanically enhanced legs and Chalcosoma atlas sextus -- a giant beetle with layers of mechanical gears.
practice on our field because of the rain," Blondi said.
Together with Eva, she even starts smiling again about Hitler's crazy vegetarian habits and about his only real love, that is for his notorious German-shepherd, Blondi. This constellation of two women, each desiring the same man, is actually the most typical of the melodramatic settings.
(2008), there are other cases of theraphosine spiders producing audible stridulating sounds, and they all bear two distinct types of stridulating setae: Theraphosa blondi, which has claviform and spiniform types; some species of Acanthoscurria, with plumose and claviform types; and Pamphobeteus species, with the spiniform type and possibly also the plumose type.
The world's largest spider is the goliath bird-eating spider of South America, the Theraphosa blondi. It isn't particularly venomous, but it is particularly terrifying.
9 Hitler had a German Shepherd dog named Blondi, who appeared with his master in Nazi propaganda.
ON A MISSION: Rod Crawford, spider expert at the Burke Museum, holds the Goliath bird eater (Theraphosa blondi), a specimen found in 1934 in a Seattle produce warehouse, at the University of Washington.
malabaricus Rhinella granulosa Leptodactylus podicipinus Procyon cancrivorus Rhinella icterica Ancylometes rufus Ctenus amphora Ctenus villasboasi Theraphosa blondi Rhinella Xenoxybelis argenteus proboscidea Cycloramphidae Cycloramphus Bothrops jararaca boraceiensis Dendrobatidae Dendrobates Sericopelma rubronitens auratus Baryphthengus martii Eleutherodactylidae Phyllobates Liophis epinephelus terribilis Eleutherodactylus Tityus obtusus coqui Eleutherodactylus Thecadactylus rapicauda johnstonei Eleutherodactylus Santinezia curvipes sp.
The tracks are "Blondi", "Saran", "Aisha, My Baby Blondi", "MyBaby", "Cissoko", "Aisha", "Blondi", "MyBaby", "Captain Planet", "Boima + Giku", "J-Boogie", "Dub Snakkr", "Balandougou Kan", "Balandougou Kan", and "Balandougou Kan".
Hitler loved his dog Blondi, but spent his time exterminating humans whom he dehumanized, reducing them to "lower than dogs." Now the map of the uncanny valley suggests that beyond the "zombie" trough there are "healthy person[s]"--the valley slopes back up again (Figure 1).
Hitler was a well-known dog lover and had two German Shepherds, called Blondi and Bella.
SEIS: Gonzaga Ramirez ligado sentimentalmente a Genoveva Revirado, alias Coqui; medio de prostitucion: table-dance, hermana de Juan Carlos Revirado, alias el Blondi, alias Jotace, alias Guero Revirado.