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A bar of dense cake, typically flavored with brown sugar and vanilla and often baked with nuts.

[blond (from its light brown color ) + -ie (on the model of brownie).]
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By conveying the CEO position to Blondi, Lungren will focus exclusively on these strategic areas, leveraging his thirty years of experience in infrastructure construction.
Hitler even killed his pet Alsatian, Blondi, with cyanide as a test to make certain it would work.
Tom Blondi now heads Homefree's executive team as president and chief executive officer with Kent Petzold, Michael Stowell and Darren Steele as vice chairman, chief financial officer and vice president of marketing respectively.
He is made to treat Blondi, a dog belonging to Hitler, whose food is of course much superior to his own.
Hitler was a well-known dog lover and had two German Shepherds, called Blondi and Bella.
New research suggests Hitler - who had German shepherds called Blondi and Bella - hoped dogs would communicate with their SS masters and had a school set up to teach them to talk.
Other theraphosids as Aphonopelma joshua Prentice 1997, Plesiopelma longisternale (Schiapelli & Gerschman 1942), Theraphosa blondi (Latreille 1804) and some avicularines share with G.
Argentine judge Nestor Blondi, in a 1986 extradition request for Gavazzo, Cordero, Campos Hermida, and Silveira, identified them as "personnel assimilated into the Argentine army.
Tyler Blondi has succeeded veteran coach Ted Eggleston at Oak Park.
However, there was disappointment for the kennel when Droopys Blondi broke a bone in his foot while trialling.
One spasming clawed hand twisted behind his back, being kind to children, petting his German shepherd Blondi, exchanging wedding vows with Eva prior to their suicide and showing concern for his secretaries while simultaneously haranguing the generals of his no longer existent armies and declaring the German people deserve everything they get for betraying his dream.