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half blood

also half-blood (hăf′blŭd′, häf′-)
a. The relationship existing between persons having only one parent in common.
b. A person existing in such a relationship.
2. Often Offensive A person of mixed racial descent, especially a person of Native American and white parentage.
3. A half-blooded domestic animal.

half′-blood′ adj.


1. (Genetics)
a. the relationship between individuals having only one parent in common
b. an individual having such a relationship
2. (Genetics) a less common name for a half-breed
3. (Genetics) a half-blooded domestic animal

half′ blood`

the relation between persons having only one common parent.


1. a person who has only one parent in common with another person, as a half sister or half brother.
half′-blood`ed, adj.
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THE SUBJECT OF BLOOD purity has recently been studied in Cervantes with respect to Don Quijote and La Numancia, (1) but I will focus on a Cervantine work whose interpretation hinges on the meaning of blood: "La fuerza de la sangre," which explores the public acceptance of the absurd fiction of limpieza de sangre while also reflecting on the limitations and possibilities of genre.
Commentators criticized Hilbay for turning the case into a joke after his comment likened Poe's foes to House Slytherin, Harry Potter villains obsessed with blood purity. These critics betrayed unfamiliarity with basic human rights law, missing the sophisticated legal argument behind the pop culture reference.
Despite the importance of Spanish edicts concerning blood purity (limpieza de sangre), more than one reference to heraldry's semiotics (p.
Starting with Don Quixote, he focuses on picaresque and Moorish novels along with theatrical pieces, that engage the control of knowledge, the exclusion of the Other, forced confession, blood purity, and other aspects of inquisitional culture.
M.'s important book rightly suggests that the Jesuit encounter with the question of blood purity has never received the attention it deserves.