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a.1.Without blossoms.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Then the discreet automaton who had surveyed his ground, played a blossomless tuneless 'set,' and sixteen disciples of Podsnappery went through the figures of - 1, Getting up at eight and shaving close at a quarter past - 2, Breakfasting at nine - 3, Going to the City at ten - 4, Coming home at half-past five - 5, Dining at seven, and the grand chain.
'For the next three days, we shall be listening, learning ,receiving messages which will be communicated refreshingly through music and songs, a reminder of why Africa's train of development is being truncated by the so-called super nations which are afraid of its blossomless,' Akinboboye added.
/ It is a shameful step for the Gael, / If we dare presume to say it // By a blow of Balor's eye, / Her lovely land is sickened, / Her corn blossomless in the clay--/ and I pray God rest her soul." Kinsella, 162-64; for the original, see Bergin, 115-17: "D'eag a huaisle 's a hoireacht / Gan toidheacht aice on oilbheim / Da lamhadh sinn a mhaoidheamh / D'fhine Gaoidheal is oilcheim.