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n.1.A blowing off steam, water, etc.;
2.An outburst of temper or excitement.
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Project Name: Cylinder block line and cylinder head line (including block gauging machine, Blow-off machine and automatic loading & Unloading device)
Patented intelligent blow-off (IBO) feature automatically switches off the blow-off when the vacuum is gone
The plant, located in Iligan City in Lanao del Norte, was generating only 80 megawatts prior to the repair of the leaking blow-off pipe, which was first discovered in mid-March.
Blow-off nozzles, air heaters and blower seen from above
The parts are spray-cleaned by a solution coming from adjustable nozzles at the top, sides and bottom of the cabinet and the water rinse from the nozzle precedes automatic moisture blow-off prior to part removal.
The new Micro Air Nozzle[TM] from Exair Corporation provides precision blow-off with a directed high volume, high velocity airflow.