n.1.A prostitute; a courtesan; a strumpet.
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It is produced by Dylan Blowen and produced/directed/written by Rachel Landers for the ABC.
All flesh is frayle, and all her strength unstayd, like a vaine bubble blowen up with ayre: devouring tyme and changeful chance have prayd her glories pride that none may it repayre.
is a non-profit organization established in 2000 by Michael Blowen and is based out of Georgetown, Kentucky.
One humour of our dead body produces worms, and those worms suck and exhaust all other humour, and then all dies, and all dries, and molders into dust, and that dust is blowen into the River, and that puddled water tumbled into the sea, and that ebs and flows in infinite revolutions, and still, still God knows in what (Cabinet every seed-Pearle lies.
lt;p>The source mentioned "The headquarter of Work and National Rescue Free Alliance was blowen up by bomb in al-Qahira neighborhood of northern Baghdad on Monday morning.
I named her, but she'll do me fine after that performance" Kevin Prendergast as Termagant spoils the party for Ballydoyle and Godolphin in the Moyglare Stud Stakes at the Curragh ''Racing is good for the spirit; good if you win, sad if you lose, but still great" Actor and racing fan James Nesbitt strikes a philosophical note, as does Michael Blowen, founder of the Old Friends retirement home for horses in Kentucky, who says .
tutor Chris Burgess with painting and decorating students (back): Jess Blowen, Jane Derriche, and Aimee Cooke; (front): Charlene Kendall, Louise Ward, and Liz Hopton
This strange accident," meanwhile, "being quickely blowen through the citie, all was in a buzz, and in a kinde of astonishment, what to thinke of the matter" (59).
Blowen, Sarah, Marion Demossier, and Jeanine Picard (editors), Recollections of France: Memories, Identities and Heritage in Contemporary France.
12-15) - to the Sermon's injunction to do God's work in secret: "Thou shalt not make a trumpet to be blowen before thee, as hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the stretes, to be praised of men" (Matt.
Michael Blowen, who has a gossip column in The Boston Globe, excitedly announced that the story didn't hold up.
At a time when unwanted horses are a greater burden than ever, Old Friends' president Michael Blowen welcomes each recruit as a blessing.