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Noun1.Hmong language - a language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong
natural language, tongue - a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language
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The "Acknowledgements" describe the roles played by Vorreiter's myriad collaborators: White Hmong of Ban Nam La and neighboring Ban Sayua village, in Luang Nam Tha Province, Laos; Striped Hmong of Ban Ta village, Phongsali Province, Laos; and Blue Hmong and White Hmong villagers of Chiengmai and Chiengrai, Thailand.
The Hmong sometimes identify with a certain group of Hmong, such as Green Hmong, Blue Hmong, Striped Hmong, and White Hmong.
The major Hmong clans in Vietnam are the White Hmong, Blue Hmong, Black Hmong, and Flower Hmong.