Blue Monday

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a Monday following a Sunday of dissipation, or itself given to dissipation (as the Monday before Lent).
- Brande & C.
a Monday considered as depressing because it is a workday in contrast to the relaxation of the weekend.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A pseudoscientific study commissioned by a travel agency to boost winter trip planning resulted in the third Thursday of January being called Blue Monday.
BLUE Monday became Green Tuesday for two lucky punters who beat the bookies with Lotto wins.
But volunteers were hoping yesterday's 'Blue Monday' could be the day when a simple conversation changed a life for the better.
Available through the My McDonald's app this Blue Monday, the offer is open for a full five days to give the public a chance to have lunch on McDonald's in the week before pay day.
But you don't have to give in to having a rubbish day, according to experts who tell us how to survive Blue Monday.
As I write this week's piece, I note that we are but seven days away from the dreaded 'Blue Monday'.
"Later we purchased a hand-power washing machine and strong as I am, I could hardly keep going on Blue Monday."
Fans of Manchester legends New Order won't have a Blue Monday when one of Europe's best tribute acts come to town.
Travel Business Review-January 17, 2018--VisitEngland's 'Blue Monday' campaign promotes 24-hour travel experiences in UK