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1. A puritanical person: "Bluenoses demand restraint against the porn and violence that are the staple of popular culture" (Charles Krauthammer).
2. often Bluenose Canadian A native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia.

blue′nosed′ adj.


1. slang US a puritanical or prudish person
2. (Peoples) (often capital) informal a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia



1. a puritanical person.
2. (cap.) Canadian. an inhabitant of the Maritime Provinces, esp. of Nova Scotia.
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Noun1.bluenose - a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia
Canadian - a native or inhabitant of Canada


A person who is too much concerned with being proper, modest, or righteous:
Informal: old maid.
References in classic literature ?
and the waiters, yea, and the inns at which they waited, and the cold rounds of beef inside, and the stunted ostler, with his blue nose and clinking pail, where is he, and where is his generation?
Up flew Kim's hard little heel and caught him on his moist blue nose. He snorted indignantly, and walked away across the tram-rails, his hump quivering with rage.
A signal to sleeping soldiers to dream of battlefields no more, but get up and have their blue noses counted.
Beau has featured in his current guise since the mid-1990s and was once briefly rivalled by a giant blue nose, a reference to the club's supporters' "Bluenoses" tag.
AS A Blue Nose for 35 years I feel the reason for the low crowds at St Andrew's is that the atmosphere is not the same as it was because there is more expectation of getting to the Premier League and the tension is greater.
Thieves stole a large quantity of "Tatty Teddy" bears worth pounds 500, a blue and silver empty safe worth pounds 100 and one limited edition Blue Nose bear worth pounds 300.
We will all miss your phone call.Tony (the Blue nose) Tully, Mossley Hill
As a special treat, James is having a Wacky party and William, who is a Blue Nose, will be going to St Andrews to watch a match.
Blue nose) Tully, Mossley Hill The result is encouraging and provides a good platform for the evangelisation of the UK.
The youngster, who lives in nearby Cuthbert Road, was mauled by the blue nose pitbull dog on Sunday afternoon and has been in City Hospital ever since.
The city's Shanty Kings filled the air with live folk versions of Blue Nose songs, and the club's Toffee Ladies mingled with the crowds.
The youngster, who lives in nearby Cuthbert Road, was mauled by the blue nose pit bull on Sunday afternoon and was taken to City Hospital where he had an emergency operation.