Blue black

a pigment of a blue black color.
of, or having, a very dark blue color, almost black.

See also: Black, Blue

References in classic literature ?
Still they wandered amid the darkening shadows, while one by one the stars peeped out in the blue black sky above them.
The conference room where the leaders are seated has blue black walls, blue black tables, blue black drapes and red chairs which look like they were pulled out of a kindergarten classroom.
The ozone generator comes in three colors - silver, blue black and pink - and varies in price depending on the location of sale.
There were twelve first families in the year 1860, skin brown and blue black and deep red and high yellow.
There are touches of the flamboyant Afro-Modernists here, including Robert Hayden (Weaver's lines "Black, O Dark, Blessed Black, Blue Black.
The hair color line has low ammonia levels, is non-drying and has 24 shades ranging from Golden Blonde to Blue Black.
Naphthol blue black (dye content [greater than or equal to] 85%)
5 V6 model include ABS, new upgraded seat and door trim material, rear arm rest and the introduction of distinctive blue black metallic paint finish.
The two runners up were: Anne Dyas - Tea at the Museum and Mark Paffard - DenialThe 17 other other anthology contributors to be published in Birmingham Nouveau in November are: Simon Broadley - Checking Out; Luke Brown - Windows; WE Davies - City Ancient and Modern; Pauline E Dungate - Count Down to Carnival; David Hart - I Was Told; Al Hutchings -At the Back of the Carriage; Nick Jones - The Tears of Trevor; Idrees Kayani - King of the Baltis; Sidura Ludwig - Finding Rifka; Richard Lutz - Big T and the Girl with Blue Black Hair; Laura McFall - Market Fashion Ava Ming - Lena; John Mulcreevey - Face Like a Feyenoord Shirt; Julie Nugent - The Visit; Audrey Sandbrook - Mr Attwood; Jan Stevens - Changing City; Rachel Taylor - Extinct
Distilled water 500 mL 5-Sulfosalicylic acid 20 g Naphthol blue black 3 g Sodium carbonate 3 g Formic acid 50 mL Glacial acetic acid 50 mL Kodak Photo-Flo[TM] 600 solution 12.