Blue bonnet

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Blue´ bon`net

n.1.A broad, flat Scottish cap of blue woolen, or one wearing such cap; a Scotchman.
2.(Bot.) A plant. Same as Bluebottle.
3.(Zool.) The European blue titmouse (Parus cœruleus); the bluecap.
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I know what was her favourite costume when she was at the age that they make heroines of: it was a pale blue with a pale blue bonnet, the white ribbons of which tied aggravatingly beneath the chin, and when questioned about this garb she never admitted that she looked pretty in it, but she did say, with blushes too, that blue was her colour, and then she might smile, as at some memory, and begin to tell us about a man who - but it ended there with another smile which was longer in departing.
Now Florence's mama hadn't a particle of taste, and Amy suffered deeply at having to wear a red instead of a blue bonnet, unbecoming gowns, and fussy aprons that did not fit.
Dowler concluded, he pointed to a stage which had just driven up, from the open window of which a rather pretty face in a bright blue bonnet was looking among the crowd on the pavement, most probably for the rash man himself.
Isn't it odd," she mused, standing at the window and tapping gently upon the pane, "that for all one can see, that dear old thing in the blue bonnet, crossing the road with her basket on her arm, has never heard that there was such a person?
Soon after tea the Clan departed, singing "All the blue bonnets are over the border," at the tops of their voices.
A navy blue bonnet shared by a netizen in social media.
The soldier is depicted wearing the blue bonnet, brown jacket and shirt typical of Scottish soldiers of the time.
He is shown wearing a blue bonnet, brown jacket and shirt typical of Scottish soldiers - looking just like If You Don't Know Me By Now star Hucknall.
There's only one thing that can restore her self-confidence: entering the Clover City Miss Teen Blue Bonnet Pageant.
Willowdean develops a better understanding of her mother, who lives for her role coordinating the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet Beauty Pageant and fixates on body issues, such as fitting into the dress she wore when she won the pageant.
Denver's venerable Blue Bonnet celebrates its 45th anniversary at 457 S.