Blue fire

(Pyrotech.) compositions of various combustible substances, as sulphur, niter, lampblack, etc., the flames of which are colored by various metallic salts, as those of antimony, strontium, barium, etc.

See also: Fire

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Here's this poor old innocent bird o' mine swearing blue fire, and none the wiser, you may lay to that.
Lastly, with a few tumbling clots of blue fire, the night closed in dark again, the wheels of the steamer were heard revolving, and her lights glided smoothly away in the direction of the sea.
His hands were clenched, and the pupils of his eyes were like disks of blue fire.
And when, at last, in the pump-and-tub scene, Mrs Grudden lighted the blue fire, and all the unemployed members of the company came in, and tumbled down in various directions--not because that had anything to do with the plot, but in order to finish off with a tableau--the audience (who had by this time increased considerably) gave vent to such a shout of enthusiasm as had not been heard in those walls for many and many a day.
The hulk of an ancient wreck burned with blue fires, in the light of which danced the HULA dancers to the barbaric love-calls of the singers, who chanted to tinkling UKULELES and rumbling tom-toms.
And now, his huge gaunt form more erect than it had been for years, with a glinting of blue fires in his small and close-set eyes, he was lifting his ancient chant again.
Loss of satellite signal and disrupted communications compound those challenges, significantly increasing risks of blue-on- blue fire, abandonment or loss.
Weeping, Pillus was abruptly startled by a small trail of blue fire as a fireball thumped into the ground.
International brands and retailers visited the booths including: Marks and Spencer The White Company Gerry Weber Blue Fire LK Bennett Target and Teddy Smith.
We saw a little bit of blue fire just forward of the vertical rudder, the upper rudder.
The brigade has chosen to replace its current navy blue fire kit with a modern, ergonomically designed kit in PBI Gold material.