(redirected from Blue leg) edible agaric (Tricholoma personatum) that is pale lilac when young.
References in classic literature ?
Here are some pieces of blue legs and green arms, but I don't know whether they are his or not.
She also put on bright blue leg warmers which she matched with a pair of sneakers in a similar color.
Her blue leg band was still attached to her left leg, and her GPS and radio transmitters were still attached to her body.
The white, dimply flesh which has been wrapped and tucked into voluminous swathes of baggy jumpers will have to be taken off as the blue leg skin sees the light of day for the first time in over six months.
Fashion sense: She loves fashion and has an eclectic, distinctive style: on a recent day, she wore a black, ruffled miniskirt over purple tights with blue leg warmers, platform sneakers and a black cardigan over a White Hot Odyssey T-shirt.
The offender, who is believed to have had a blue leg brace on his right leg, then got off the train and left the station.
United, closing in on another Premiership title, will be eager to bundle that first Sky Blue leg back into the coffin.
Most of the treatments pack in zingy menthol oils to give that tingle factor, while kick-starting the micro-circulation in pesky blue leg veins.
In one corner of the gallery and backed by another frond-patterned screen, a table whose red and blue legs suggested both candlestick curvatures and outlines of faces in profile held actual white-and-black striped candlesticks whose silhouettes echoed this motif--a familiar device used to demonstrate the confusion of figure and ground.
I didn't particularly like the game for a start and then the thought of knowing I'd end up with numb blue legs at the end of the lesson just made me hate it even more.