Blue mass

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a preparation of mercury from which is formed the blue pill.
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There is no particle of trimming about this monstrous capote, as they call it--it is just a plain, ugly dead- blue mass of sail, and a woman can't go within eight points of the wind with one of them on; she has to go before the wind or not at all.
It extended from mountain to mountain in one solid blue mass, and the eye looked in vain, over the southern hills, to find its termination.
Called "one of the Commonwealth's most astute journalists" by the political blog Blue Mass Group, she has received several national awards and was a 2015 National Association of Black Journalists "Salute to Excellence" finalist.
yEvery March 19 of the year, a General Blue Mass is held in celebration of St.
The torso followed, a blue mass rolling off the bar stool in slow motion.
At its center this blue mass appears to represent a rose.
This fluid collection can be dark and present as a blue mass under the areolar region.
Then, a huge blue mass appeared out of the fog and we realised it was a gigantic cargo ship.
Popular shots include images of a whirlpool galaxy and ring nebula, a blue mass of gas surrounded by striking yellow and orange.
I watch the sunrise and it engages me in its ritual: a slow and careful emergence from a peaceful blue mass.
A poster on Blue Mass Group named Daniel Moraff described his dismay when Bruins fans chanted "Tebow sucks" during a hockey game days before the Patriots hosted Tebow and the Broncos in the playoffs.