Blue pill

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(Med.) A pill of prepared mercury, used as an aperient, etc.
Blue mass.

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He was taken ill in the night - quite prostrate he was - in consequence of Crab; and after being drugged with black draughts and blue pills, to an extent which Demple (whose father was a doctor) said was enough to undermine a horse's constitution, received a caning and six chapters of Greek Testament for refusing to confess.
The number of men receiving the little blue pill has risen from around 24,000 in 2013 - a 60% increase.
In 20 or 50 years taking a personalized blue pill, you just hallucinate in an entertaining way and then a white pill brings you back to normality is perfectly viable; and if the source of human entertainment in thirty or forty years is pharmacological we'll be in real trouble," he said.
London, Jun 20 ( ANI ): The little blue pill that helps men have sex can also be used to ward off heart attacks and heart failures, according to a recent study.
The plain-speaking Yorkshireman said: "All I'll say about sex is I don't need that bloody blue pill.
Its colourful cover, depicting a shower of yellow and blue pill capsules, signifies the onslaught on the population of the happy drug 'Leata'.
The little blue pill that's put the bounce back into the step of millions of men is celebrating 15 years since it was approved for sale in the US, changing the conversation (sometimes for the worse) about sex and erectile dysfunction.
The Thai diamond-shaped little blue pill, which looks like the original made by US pharma giant Pfizer, has been named "Sidegra" and will be sold on prescription across Thailand on October 1.
The Thai diamond-shaped little blue pill, which resembles the original produced by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, is called "Sidegra" and will be available on prescription across the country on October 1.
I normally take a blue pill in the morning but today I was given a pink one?
The film is an entertaining, but curious, mix of three different films - a romantic comedy, a disease-of-the-week tearjerker, and a history lesson about the introduction of a certain little blue pill to the American drugs market.