Blue ruin

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utter ruin; also, gin.

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It was his next feature, 2013's revenge thriller Blue Ruin , that would really launch his career, winning a prize when it premiered in the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes and being nominated for a Spirit Award.
Jeremy Saulnier, who also wrote and directed Blue Ruin, is the man behind Green Room, a nerve-shredding thrillride with a thick vein of dark humour running throughout.
Jeremy Saulnier's 2013 indie film Blue Ruin is another low-budget piece dealing with similar narrative territory.
BLUE RUIN (15) HOMELESS drifter Dwight (Macon Blair) lives in a rusted blue Pontiac down by the beach.
Blue Ruin includes flashes of macabre humour, reminiscent of early Coen brothers and meticulously staged set pieces.
Blue Ruin (Cert 15) HOMELESS drifter Dwight (Macon Blair) lives in a rusted blue Pontiac down by the beach.
BLUE RUIN (15) MACON BLAIR is homeless drifter Dwight (pictured), who lives in a rusted blue Pontiac.
Blue Ruin also questions what it takes for ordinary people to turn to violence.
BLUE RUIN (15) LIKE last year's Ryan Gosling film The Place Beyond the Pines, this revenge thriller threatens to get right under your skin.
It commonly went by the vernacular names of Daffy or Blue Ruin both of which Heyer uses.
Finally, Jeremy Saulnier's Blue Ruin tells of a vagrant called Dwight who eats out of dumpsters and lives quietly in a battered Pontiac until he is picked up by the police to be told that someone who he fears has been released from jail.
Blue Ruin, a bar, opened at 538 Ninth Avenue last night, while Pony Bar will open soon at 637 Tenth Avenue.