Blue ruin

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utter ruin; also, gin.

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Gory indie horror flick from rising star Jeremy Saulnier, who also directed Blue Ruin. The late Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots are young punk rockers fighting for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar.
* D Campbell's "Blue Ruin Summer Tour" with Tree, Aviation & The War, The Jon Rand Band: 8 p.m.
When it comes to genre films, the term 'elevated genre' has been making the rounds the last few years to describe films like Blue Ruin, It Follows, Get Out, Raw and Disorder; films that clearly belong in disreputable genres like horror and thriller, but are elevated from their lowly genres courtesy of the more thoughtful and slightly less formulaic nature of their stories and the film-makers' excellent directing chops.
The film's ensemble cast includes Tom Arnold, Herbert Russell (Parks and Rec.), Devin Ratray (Mosaic, The Tick, Blue Ruin, Home Alone), Robert Amico, Cody Kasch (Desperate Housewives), Brian Krause (Blue Lagoon, Charmed), Saxon Trainor, Paige Howard (Adventure Land), Preston Acuff, Brittany Underwood, Jackie Pucci, Christopher T.
Blue Ruin (2014) (C4, 2.15am) Homeless drifter Dwight (Macon Blair) lives in a rusted blue Pontiac down by the beach.
The directorial debut of Macon Blair (right), "I Don't Feel at Home" announces a bold writing-directing talent best known as an actor in such films as "Blue Ruin" and "Green Room." With its mouthful title and roller-coaster vibe, the loony thriller stars Melanie Lynskey as a mild-mannered woman who refuses to let a simple housebreaking go unsolved, resulting in a bloody and unpredictable ride for all involved.
Cranking up tension in a similar fashion to writer-director Saulnier's previous feature, the revenge thriller Blue Ruin, Green Room is a brutal battle for survival that fully warrants the 18 certificate.
It was his next feature, 2013's revenge thriller Blue Ruin , that would really launch his career, winning a prize when it premiered in the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes and being nominated for a Spirit Award.
Jeremy Saulnier, who also wrote and directed Blue Ruin, is the man behind Green Room, a nerve-shredding thrillride with a thick vein of dark humour running throughout.
Honorable mentions: "Whiplash,'' "Fort Bliss,'' "Alive Inside,'' "Foxcatcher,'' "Wild,'' "Only Lovers Left Alive,'' "Le Week-End,'' "Wrinkles,'' "Violette,'' "Mona Lisa Is Missing,'' "Blue Ruin,'' "Finding Vivian Maier,'' "Trip to Italy,'' "Life Itself,'' "Gone Girl,'' "Homesman,'' "Birdman.''
Anchored by a tour-de-force central performance from Blair, whose mournful stare instantly curries sympathy, Blue Ruin is an impeccably crafted revenge thriller that breathes new life into a well-worn genre.