a.1.Having blue veins or blue streaks.
References in classic literature ?
So, though in the clear air of day, suspended against a blue-veined neck, the pure-watered diamond drop will healthful glow; yet, when the cunning jeweller would show you the diamond in its most impressive lustre, he lays it against a gloomy ground, and then lights it up, not by the sun, but by some unnatural gases.
There would be the wrinkled throat, the cold, blue-veined hands, the twisted body, that he remembered in the grandfather who had been so stern to him in his boyhood.
He advanced, glancing keenly from one to the other of his visitors, and slowly rubbing together his thin, blue-veined hands.
The lad held them out; white, soft, and blue-veined hands, like those of a woman.
The Premier's thin, blue-veined hands were clasped tightly over the ivory head of his umbrella, and his gaunt, ascetic face looked gloomily from Holmes to me.
He looked at his thin blue-veined hand that found the beads so heavy.
I recall him mixing cement with my father to build our lean-to bathroom, shifting the heavy mixture with seeming ease, handling the shovel methodically with his big blue-veined hands.
Mike Denny grows blue-veined Surfinia and from just two mini plugs bought in early February, he's created an amazing display.
Avoid mould-ripened soft cheese, such as Brie, and blue-veined cheeses, as they can contain listeria, a bacteria that can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or severe illness in newborns.
Which world-famous blue-veined cheese is because of his religious beliefs?
DCI Cheese Company (DCI) has introduced its newest product offering, Salemville Smokehaus Blue, an extension to its award-winning line of hand-crafted blue-veined cheeses.
A In order to avoid the risk of listeriosis pregnant women are advised to avoid eating ripened soft cheeses of the Brie, Camembert and blue-veined types, whether pasteurised or unpasteurised.