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n.1.(Zool.) The bluepoll.
2.A Scot; a Scotchman; - so named from wearing a blue bonnet.
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On the big day my mother would discuss the merits of each crew with Mrs Lees while my father would exchange intelligence about Aintree runners from his world of boilermaking with Mr Lees' assessment of runners from the domain of municipal weighbridges before heading off to the secretive realm of bookies - still illegal in those days - to place bets under the name of Bluecap.
Despite its relatively small budget by Hollywood standards, the scale of this production, as well as the sound design created by Bluecap Soundworks and the sophisticated digital post-production effects designed by In Sight Visual, demonstrated that Korea was capable of making Hollywood-style blockbusters.
by Wendell Wilson and the Mineralogical Record, released (2009) by BlueCap Productions, 120 minutes, USD $19.