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A person who wears a blue uniform, especially a police officer.

blue′coat′ed adj.
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1. a person who wears a blue coat, such as a sailor or policeman
2. a style of dress formerly used as a uniform in some British private schools, featuring a long dark blue (or sometimes black) coat
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1. a police officer.
2. a soldier in the U.S. Army in earlier times.
blue′coat`ed, adj.
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Noun1.bluecoat - a person dressed all in blue (as a soldier or sailor)
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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A member of a law-enforcement agency:
Informal: cop, law.
Slang: bull, copper, flatfoot, fuzz, gendarme, heat, man (often uppercase).
Chiefly British: bobby, constable, peeler.
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Three months of assured board and bed and congenial company, safe from Boreas and bluecoats, seemed to Soapy the essence of things desirable.
As soon as I had got the bundle, and the maid was out of sight, I goes on towards the alehouse, where the porter's wife was, so that if I had met her, I had then only been going to give her the bundle, and to call her to her business, as if I was going away, and could stay no longer; but as I did not meet her, I walked away, and turning into Charterhouse Lane, then crossed into Batholomew Close, so into Little Britain, and through the Bluecoat Hospital, into Newgate Street.
To prevent my being known, I pulled off my blue apron, and wrapped the bundle in it, which before was made up in a piece of painted calico, and very remarkable; I also wrapped up my straw hat in it, and so put the bundle upon my head; and it was very well that I did thus, for coming through the Bluecoat Hospital, who should I meet but the wench that had given me the bundle to hold.
When he was ten he went to school at Christ's Hospital, the Bluecoat School.
When he saw a bluecoat start toward him, however, his heart failed him, and he dashed down a side street and fled a couple of blocks.
With all players enjoying minutes for Childwall and a relaxed approach to the fourth quarter the pace of the game and the scoring rate both slowed, notables from the quarter were 2 3's from Bluecoats K, Dileep.
People came back here year after year for British holidays and good entertainment and unfortunately without the Bluecoats I don''t think that''s possible.
BLUECOATS and Cardinal Wiseman provide an all-Coventry confrontation in tonight's West Midlands Schools Under-16s Cup final at the Ricoh Arena.
"We are now recruiting for the 2010 season and have a number of vacancies for bluecoats.
Wannabe Pontin's Bluecoats showed off their best soft shoe shuffle at open auditions in the city to become the next generation of holiday camp entertainers.
Holiday operator Pontin's is looking for up to 200 talented entertainers to work as bluecoats on its eight centres during next year's season.
A new competition category at Pontin's (0800 298-7690, this year is aimed at those youngsters who would love to emulate their holiday centre heroes, the Bluecoats.