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An enlisted person in the US or British Navy; a sailor.
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(Military) a sailor in the Navy
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(ˈbluˌdʒæk ɪt)

a sailor.
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Noun1.bluejacket - a serviceman in the navybluejacket - a serviceman in the navy    
coastguardsman - a member of a coastguard
Navy SEAL, SEAL - a member of a Naval Special Warfare unit who is trained for unconventional warfare; "SEAL is an acronym for Sea Air and Land"
military man, serviceman, man, military personnel - someone who serves in the armed forces; a member of a military force; "two men stood sentry duty"
striker - someone receiving intensive training for a naval technical rating
submariner - a member of the crew of a submarine
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[ˈbluːˌdʒækɪt] Nmarinero m (de buque de guerra)
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The big steam pinnace went off to her ship to bring over a few bluejackets to furl my sails for me.
Vice-Admiral Sir Roger Keyes praised the "two stout vessels" that carried Bluejackets and Marines to Zeebrugge, saying they greatly contributed to the success of the operation.
Spencer presented awards to the Junior Sailors of the Year and Bluejackets of the Year at both bases.
Phase 3 begins with the shift of the ground campaigns from bluejackets to soldiers and ends with the relief of Peking.
Lieutenant-Commander Harrison was gunned down, cutlass in hand, leading the Royal Navy Bluejackets.
German sailors swarmed out of the conning tower, some wearing only skivvies, many with long hair and brightly colored bandannas, which offended our bluejackets' sense of propriety and made them the more eager for a kill.
What the author does confirm, however, is two things: first, after decades of what Naval War College professor John Hattendorf described as a focus on the "care and feeding of machines," officers and bluejackets alike renewed the acquaintanceship with close quarter battle that had been such a large part of the naval service of their predecessors in the nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries.
On October 3-4, an estimated 850 US Marines and bluejackets attacked Zeledon's forces dug in near Coyotepe.
a force of bluejackets, Territorials, [and] regulars, clamber in at the windows and cover the officer with their rifles, while he snatches out his revolver, the curtain falls.
While this sometimes meant bombarding coastal villages, towns and fortresses, the more common practice was landing parties of bluejackets and Marines.
and bluejackets intervened to protect nationals and interests but did
My Sailors excelled with 11 petty officer advancements, two Bluejackets of the Quarter, one Junior Sailor of the Quarter, three Sailors of the Quarter, one Sailor of the Year.