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1. A puritanical person: "Bluenoses demand restraint against the porn and violence that are the staple of popular culture" (Charles Krauthammer).
2. often Bluenose Canadian A native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia.

blue′nosed′ adj.


1. slang US a puritanical or prudish person
2. (Peoples) (often capital) informal a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia



1. a puritanical person.
2. (cap.) Canadian. an inhabitant of the Maritime Provinces, esp. of Nova Scotia.
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Noun1.bluenose - a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia
Canadian - a native or inhabitant of Canada


A person who is too much concerned with being proper, modest, or righteous:
Informal: old maid.
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Sailing majestically behind the fabled Bluenose II schooner into the harbour of Lunenburg, the 34-gun Hermione unleashed a full broadside, much to the merriment of the hundreds of onlookers.
Women's Curling Association, and her clothing has been presented to the crew of the Bluenose II and the Royal Family of Jordan.
We saw Peggy's Cove and the Bluenose II at Lunenburg; we visited the Covenanter's Church and Grand Pre; we went to the site of the only First Nations Residential School in the Maritimes; we found the Hector in Pictou and Anne's home at Green Gables; we were at the Bell Museum and the Gaelic College in Cape Breton.
His adventure kicks off at sea aboard the historic Bluenose II schooner, the symbol of which appears on all Nova Scotian number plates.
There was an open invitation to swap stories with old sea salts aboard the permanently moored trawlers, but I chose instead to take a look at the Bluenose II, Canada's most famous schooner, depicted on the country's ten cent coin.