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1. The technique of photographing or filming an actor or object against a usually blue monochrome backdrop, and replacing the backdrop with material from a different image using a color filter.
2. The usually blue monochrome backdrop used in this technique.

blue′screen′ v.
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Secondly, it is a book that betrays a deep technical knowledge of studio cinematography, manifest for example in Elliott's discussion of the Schufftan process, the travelling matte, and early attempts at what would become in the 1930s the bluescreen technique (28).
While the Toshiba drives aren't known to have any bluescreen problems like those afflicting the Intel drives, the Tosh products are apparently exhibiting lower battery life in some circumstances.
Despite its flaws, fans of the genre and readers who enjoyed Dan Wells's Bluescreen or M.T.
The Cloth Cat team brought the project together with Grandpa actor James Bolam's bluescreen performance, all filmed at Enfys Studios in Cardiff.
Both Douglas Trumbull and bluescreen pioneer John Erland have pointed out the potential for what they call selective frame rate variation.
The film was brought to life in a huge studio full of bluescreen special effects, 3D cameras and film–making magic.
Texas Radio Band: Bluescreen LP (Out Now on iTunes) BLUESCREEN existed, unreleased, for almost two years until those at I Ka Ching Records saw fit to take it and then share it with a deserving public.
The Herbert, Jordan Well, city centre: BBC Walking With Beasts exhibition - large scale models and bluescreen technology, until October 30.
Which is how, through the fug of pheromones and Lynx Africa, Stuart 'Ball' Baggs, the undisputed king of the punchable, took to the latest task at hand - the debriefing for which saw everyone taken to "that furniture place" with its biggest bluescreen facility in Europe.
Charles River Laboratories has partnered with Gentronix to offer BlueScreen HC Screening services for the early detection of genotoxicity.
Is that the best they could do to mark next year's 250th anniversary of Rabbie Burns's birth-mostly expat celebrities singing a ridiculous song against what was obviously a sheet of bluescreen?