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Noun1.blunt trauma - injury incurred when the human body hits or is hit by a large outside object (as a car)
harm, hurt, injury, trauma - any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
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Tom the Jack Russell terrier had to be put down after being subjected to blunt force trauma
Nasim Khan, of Scopsley Green in Whitley, Dewsbury, is accused of causing unnecessary suffering to the American bulldog by subjecting it to blunt force trauma.
They already knew that the 65-foot male whale suffered blunt force trauma before washing onto a Daly City beach.
Police thought it was old age but London's Royal Veterinary College has found Gertie, 11, died from blunt force trauma to the head in February.
Going through the external injuries using a computergenerated model of a child, Dr French told jurors most of them were "in keeping with blunt force trauma".
A FORMER aide to Vladimir Putin who was found dead in a Washington hotel room died of blunt force trauma to the head, a post-mortem examination has found.
But there was the chance of a little crime drama bingo - yes, someone said "blunt force trauma" - while the different characters in different parts of the country were skillfully linked by the end of the episode.
Breakdown of all cases of major trauma showed the following: IPV 2 594 patients (69.4%), with penetrating trauma secondary to stabbing in 911 (24.3%), isolated head injury in 632 (16.9%), penetrating trauma secondary to gunshot wounds (GSWs) in 542 (14.5%), crush injury secondary to community assault in 340 (9.1%), blunt force trauma secondary to assault in 170 (4.5%), blunt force trauma secondary to motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) in 650 (17.4%), blunt force trauma secondary to PMVCs in 285 (7.6%), and burns in 205 (5.4%).
Tan said the consensus of the agency's joint team of protected area management and biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management specialist and biologist is that Maamo was first hit by a boat propeller and subsequently received blunt force trauma to the head as "X-ray results ruled out gunshot wounds."
Other forensic anthropologists, archaeologists, and pathologists from North America provide 19 case studies of child abuse, blunt force trauma, descents from height, plane crashes, sharp force trauma and dismemberment, gunshot wounds, blast trauma, sexual abuse, and burned body interpretation, and issues like case knowledge, the use of descriptive anatomical language, knowledge of biomechanical processes, collaboration, patterns, contextual information, using geographic information systems (GIS), the influence of animal scavenging, and water immersion.