Hexanchus griseus

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Noun1.Hexanchus griseus - large primitive shark widely distributed in warm seasHexanchus griseus - large primitive shark widely distributed in warm seas
shark - any of numerous elongate mostly marine carnivorous fishes with heterocercal caudal fins and tough skin covered with small toothlike scales
genus Hexanchus, Hexanchus - a genus of Hexanchidae
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Allen have spotted a large bluntnose sixgill shark lurking around one of the wartime battleship wreckage in Ormoc Bay early this month.
SEAING IS BELIEVING A bluntnose sixgill shark, left, and two odd-looking kobudai, inset, featured in Blue Planet II
The bluntnose sixgill shark, Hexanchus griseus, is the only species of the genus Hexanchus recorded in the Mexican Pacific (Compagno, 1984; Fischer et al.
The first records of the bluntnose sixgill shark Hexanchus grisues and the bramble shark Echinorhinus brucus from southern Oman are reported.
Pictures on Facebook reportedly taken on excursions on a Napa Cruises boat show a woman holding the mouth of what looks like a bluntnose sixgill shark open with a rope, with what also looks like a baby in front of it.